Alice Ofelia Kira

by Kevin Matisyn

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released January 7, 2014



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Kevin Matisyn

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Track Name: Afraid

Do you feel afraid?
Do you lock tight to your shadow?
If you were right I’ve got a lesson to be learned
but do you really mean that much me?
Or do I let you down when I’m a mess sometimes
and you took way too long to stop, to wait, to start again
and to make sense of all of this

Can you see all the pain on my face where all of it is written?
If you steal all my light and care for it again then I will never leave you wondering where it went

Do you feel the same while my soul lies in wait?
Will you comfort me? Come while the cloud hangs over me all the way
I never knew there was a better way
when I called your bluff you went and called out my whole heart

Oh my friend, does it take your breath away?
If we are whole again, does it take your breath away?
What if I said no? Does it take your breath away?

It was so long forever, you always said that you never knew
but I wanted you from the start but I know you’ll never fall in love
when we would talk for hours, you said all your senses were broke
and they’re so broke it’ll take your breath away
Track Name: Hard To Know

I am a fighter, I am searching for the sin
that you weren’t aware of, they are the ones that make you say
sorry for the hole in your heart you’d never mend
I am the lightning you are the grave
I am the one thing you would save
Give me the shapes I’ll give you the picture
I am the nightmare and I couldn’t fix her
I can only stay so clean, the white doesn’t match what’s in between

Why do they always get to win, when all the wagers in
from your guilty side and the bets are so low
and why do we always end the same, you could win all my love
with your guilty side and your bets are in and your bets are so low

I am a fighter, I am walking in your shoes
and wielding sorrow and we are the same thing
that’s outside when all that’s in your calls attack we will never ever last
if you were the one that wanted it all, you’d be the one that would take the fall
that’s what they say and that’s what you said but that’s what you never ever meant
I can’t always be the king but you’ll always be my queen

the setting sun wasn’t a warning enough and do you like what you’ve become
and do you search for the saddest saying you could never fall back on anyway
take a look at it all, take a look at yourself, take a look at what’s right, it’s my jealous side and it’s so hard to know
Track Name: High

A stretch in time or a dream and both were over for me
I’m sorry to say you are mistaken
the harlot never boasts, she never lets go of the ghosts
a fortune to remember her faults around the world
come find me for a while when everything gets…

high too high to overcome without me once again
you better hold me down or I will float away
into the sun, the feelings gone and I can’t remember

I can’t remember why you asked so many questions
and I can’t go on avoiding all the air
so just stay close, never to come out cuz you won’t want to leave
you’ll change from being clever, into a liar
without you coming down, you kept me from my…

if you fooled me this won’t be royalty, if I told you it won’t be real
I can’t sell you this piece forever I can tell you until we’re free…I can’t hold you until we’re…
Track Name: Waking Up

God where are you now?
I called you like you wanted
and now you're all I've got, regardless of my doubt
and where did you go, why'd you take her along with you

to see you laying there
I remain emotionless and afraid
it's the fight in me
but still you remain there the same
if you'd ask you could save me
but you're wearing me out

then one day she fell asleep
I remember when she said to me
this is no one's fault and you'll never lose my heart
I tried so hard to see the reason's you'd come and complicate things
get out cuz you can't fix what's left in the rubble of my life here

that's gone and i'm alone
and I stayed with her till the break of dawn
when she woke up and she looked me in the eye
she said don't be afraid dear, Im gonna wait here for just a little while
then she smiled and we cried, then she closed her eyes
she was brave till the end

I wanted us to dance along the waves, it was hard to breathe
you were taken from me it's the worst part of waking up
knowing i am here here knowing you are there
all of this will fade away and your memory…is the best part of waking up
Track Name: Right Now (with Sean Davis)

Hard hits and politics I don't care if we are there
We're right here and right here is fine
What are we fighting for?
I see there's a boy who just wished his life was through
He just wanted to be accepted, he just wanted to be understood
Right now he's losing more than he's winning
Right now he sees that there's a future, it's bright it's waiting

Put your arms around me push the fears aside
They say that hope will calm the desperate and hope will change your life
Just give this hand a reason to push the hate aside
They say that all you ever wanted was all you never had

The quick fix I won't predict I can't tell if I am wrong
I'm right sometimes and sometimes I'm fine
I just wanted someone to see past me and fight for me
To see the good in me and stay right here cuz right here is fine
and right now I'm crying more than I'm grinning I've been thinking
It's been so long since I’ve lived my life it's time I'm waiting

There's honesty in all the things that you ignored
But honestly how could you ignore me?

Make way for my new angles, make way for dressed down versions
A match, a light, a candle this was more than I could handle
And you may light of these feelings
You laughed when it was wrong to
Was I such a waste of time of dear
well you'll miss me when I'm gone from here

Let go of right now
Track Name: Anthem

Come to me to save your face
The burden's to me to lift you up
'Cause you are nothing like the rest
Put your hands in my hands and rest
'Cause I won't let you fall apart
My mind is open for you to close
With thoughts of me and how you will never know

I write the bad ideas
That you feel on the inside but I'm
Not right most of the time
and you can feel the outside caving in
I'll doubt you for a change I doubt you'll go to waste
You're far more braver now than you could ever think

Come to me with open arms and fold into me it’ll shut you up
And you might just be the best with your hair in my hand and fists
And you're safe right here
This door is open for you to close
So leave to me to become what I will never know

It's a dark, cold world to be left alone in
For the revival of an anthem
And we'll create all this flicker with such a little light
such a little light, our voices will unite
And we’ll hypnotize them when we sing…
Track Name: See The Sun

Let them see the sun and let it burn out their lungs
I fooled myself to think that you were gone
let them touch your face and let them feed on their disgrace
and I hope you’re satisfied, I hope your purpose won’t wear out
and I hope you search yourself and sell away the sad if you could

Let them break apart if they want, let them take the fall if they want
when I said no, I said no often

place yourself on my side, you’re down to one last lifetime

feel the fire forming up, I feel you when you sink
don’t take your eyes off of me
I feel your heartbeat slowing down
I free the constant energy you could not open yourself

just let the fire burn it’s flame and let the sun burn bright again

if you want, let me break apart, if I want, let me see the sun one last time
Track Name: Break Your Heart

Why must you decide your whole life in minute time
i tried to find out what you said to me and what it meant
and if you love me and you hate it try settling the score
cuz I'll never love you I know you hate that by the sound you made
they've gotten deafening

why don't you listen thought I told you from the start
that I'd change you out of nowhere
and you let me and now you're lost here in the dark
remember you asked for this and…

It’s gonna break your heart
I know its gonna leave you hurt
I am a failure with words
if this what you want
some things in life that are said are never meant to be heard

why must you define your whole life with mine
and I tried to remember what you did and what it meant
and if I love you and you hate it
you wont be coming back for more
but I'll always love you, I know you hate that
by the way you moved it looks so threatening

how could I listen from what you told me at the start
then you'd change it out of nowhere
but I let you now we're lost here in the dark
one question are you up for this

one sided, it’s a one sided curse
a one sided world, I’m frustrated and
I heard what you said and I hate it

but I won’t break your heart, I know I won’t leave you hurt
if I am a failure with words, it’s cuz this is what I want
some things in life, that are said are never meant to be heard
Track Name: Saw Red

Here’s to the damage, the one that makes us whole
and here’s to the merry ones that died and won’t get old
they will say a prayer for your soul in hopes that it gets caught
before you go down
say something cuz when you’re lost and all my love never will carry you far
I will remember the last thing that you said

cuz I saw red, in the corner of your eye where I store the piece of you
in the back of my mind now I’m in the light and you’re in the flame
we’ll burn this ugly city and go dancing in between

bring me back, the damage done, the damage leaves us tall
and I will stay the hero, you can stay the villain
a pale moon, a bitter pill, a bitter sip to swallow
so let’s make believe, you’ll meet your maker soon, the part of me that’s real is not removing you cuz you live in fear and you don’t even know it
Track Name: Satellites

Do you ever wake up beside yourself?
and when you do, do you like the sight you see?
It took a long time for regret to register in your head
but part time wasn't backwards like you said
now your body's still alive but you're not there
we're all original but we're too dead to care

Do you wait for satellites to offer you a ride?
Just flip that silhouette then push it till it's set

I want to taste it sometimes
I let my vengeance ask the questions
and we'll light this pretty fade and watch the world decay
you have such a pretty face so they say
I let you but you went too far
your body's still aligned in perfect step
we lack a little depth cuz we're too delicate

I was locked in a room
(manic, automatic, you can't believe it happened but you let it)
they never tell you what to do
now they act so surprised
they found deceit in her eyes

Tear stained lines on the back of a lottery
the front page that you never could see
that she never was a quitter but never complete
her eyes were separated by memories of me and thoughts so cold

This boy he cried his eyes out she left him here without a trace
so this boy he prayed his heart out but watched it all fall out of place
they said this boy he cried his eyes out forgot this world forgot his place
and I know he prayed his heart out to wipe this world right from his face

(she said she'd never run, she'd never run away)

This girl she cried her heart out and left us all with just a phrase

She said "all I want to be is be with you and all I want to see is you here with me, like the way we used to be but I was locked in a room, I was just so cold alive"