Do you feel afraid?
Do you lock tight to your shadow?
If you were right I’ve got a lesson to be learned
but do you really mean that much me?
Or do I let you down when I’m a mess sometimes
and you took way too long to stop, to wait, to start again
and to make sense of all of this

Can you see all the pain on my face where all of it is written?
If you steal all my light and care for it again then I will never leave you wondering where it went

Do you feel the same while my soul lies in wait?
Will you comfort me? Come while the cloud hangs over me all the way
I never knew there was a better way
when I called your bluff you went and called out my whole heart

Oh my friend, does it take your breath away?
If we are whole again, does it take your breath away?
What if I said no? Does it take your breath away?

It was so long forever, you always said that you never knew
but I wanted you from the start but I know you’ll never fall in love
when we would talk for hours, you said all your senses were broke
and they’re so broke it’ll take your breath away


from Alice Ofelia Kira, released January 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Kevin Matisyn

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