Hard To Know

from by Kevin Matisyn

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I am a fighter, I am searching for the sin
that you weren’t aware of, they are the ones that make you say
sorry for the hole in your heart you’d never mend
I am the lightning you are the grave
I am the one thing you would save
Give me the shapes I’ll give you the picture
I am the nightmare and I couldn’t fix her
I can only stay so clean, the white doesn’t match what’s in between

Why do they always get to win, when all the wagers in
from your guilty side and the bets are so low
and why do we always end the same, you could win all my love
with your guilty side and your bets are in and your bets are so low

I am a fighter, I am walking in your shoes
and wielding sorrow and we are the same thing
that’s outside when all that’s in your calls attack we will never ever last
if you were the one that wanted it all, you’d be the one that would take the fall
that’s what they say and that’s what you said but that’s what you never ever meant
I can’t always be the king but you’ll always be my queen

the setting sun wasn’t a warning enough and do you like what you’ve become
and do you search for the saddest saying you could never fall back on anyway
take a look at it all, take a look at yourself, take a look at what’s right, it’s my jealous side and it’s so hard to know


from Alice Ofelia Kira, released January 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Kevin Matisyn

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