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Do you ever wake up beside yourself?
and when you do, do you like the sight you see?
It took a long time for regret to register in your head
but part time wasn't backwards like you said
now your body's still alive but you're not there
we're all original but we're too dead to care

Do you wait for satellites to offer you a ride?
Just flip that silhouette then push it till it's set

I want to taste it sometimes
I let my vengeance ask the questions
and we'll light this pretty fade and watch the world decay
you have such a pretty face so they say
I let you but you went too far
your body's still aligned in perfect step
we lack a little depth cuz we're too delicate

I was locked in a room
(manic, automatic, you can't believe it happened but you let it)
they never tell you what to do
now they act so surprised
they found deceit in her eyes

Tear stained lines on the back of a lottery
the front page that you never could see
that she never was a quitter but never complete
her eyes were separated by memories of me and thoughts so cold

This boy he cried his eyes out she left him here without a trace
so this boy he prayed his heart out but watched it all fall out of place
they said this boy he cried his eyes out forgot this world forgot his place
and I know he prayed his heart out to wipe this world right from his face

(she said she'd never run, she'd never run away)

This girl she cried her heart out and left us all with just a phrase

She said "all I want to be is be with you and all I want to see is you here with me, like the way we used to be but I was locked in a room, I was just so cold alive"


from Alice Ofelia Kira, released January 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Kevin Matisyn

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